Software Product Development

We offer a wide range of software development services delivered in a way that lets you focus on core business issues, not technical ones.

Today’s rapidly changing technology landscape and the ‘faster, better, cheaper’ mentality makes getting to market more challenging than ever. While it still takes all of the individual efforts – product strategists to plan and define, designers to create, and of course, programmers to code – raw skill alone is just not enough. No man is an island and no software solution should be either.

At GMG we thrive in this fast- paced, eat-or-be-eaten world. We believe software product development is a blend of technical artistry and high-end engineering – we go far beyond programming. We partner with many of the world’s best companies to deliver high quality software products. From testing a concept in the market to launching a completely new line of business, more often than not, we deliver products in time frames our customers never dreamed possible.

We solve problems with software.

Mobile | iOS | Android

Today, practically everything and everyone is connected and your customers depend on you to be everywhere they are. GMG Software has always been at the forefront of mobile app technology and development. In fact, we’ve been building state-of-the-art, custom mobile solutions since the 90’s – before ‘app’ was a buzz-word.

Unlike a marketing firm trying to write “apps”, we have the wide range of disciplines needed to deliver solutions in the increasingly connected mobile world. We DO NOT use pre-fabricated (one size fits all) pre-designed mobile app templates. WE DESIGN, BUILD, AND SCALE CUSTOM APPS – handcrafted for our clients.

Depending on the unique needs of your vision, we are expert coders for both Native Apps (live on mobile devices and designed for specific platform such as iOS or Android) and Hybrid Apps (part native and part web).

Whether you are already on the web or in the cloud, building connected mobile applications that scale with your business is our forte. Combining the latest mobile technology with our solid engineering approach, our apps are built to last and grow with your business.

Cloud Apps and APIs

What are cloud native apps?

When we say “Cloud Native”, we are talking about applications designed and optimized specifically in the Cloud. Developers today have an almost unlimited choice of platforms, toolsets, and architectures, but all too often, they end up designing non-native systems (the same way they have for decades) and completely miss new opportunities.

If you don’t embrace the new way of thinking that Cloud Native applications offer, you end up building inflexible systems that scale poorly, and “the Cloud” just turns into an expensive hosting platform.

Our Cloud Native applications are auto-scaling with sharding and intelligent workload partitioning. We build API oriented architectures that allow for continuous integration and deployment. We regularly build no fail systems that handle tens of millions of transactions cost-effectively. Our agile and product-focused development practices are the perfect match for modern apps — in the cloud or in your pocket.

Technical Strategy

Your company has a specialty and you are good at it. Perhaps you are the industry leader. But what happens when your team is challenged to create new solutions? Perhaps they are out-of-step with what the market is demanding and more at ease using what they already know. Or your team may have cutting-edge knowledge, but are strapped for time. Or maybe, your company is tasked with partnering with an industry innovator to create NEW technologies.

We’ve seen a lot. We’ve solved a lot. We have broad vision.

We want you to focus on what you do best — running your business. When you partner with Eureka to solve your business problem or help with technical strategy, you free up time and budget to focus on your core competencies.

Software is our specialty. Whether you are in need of a custom software solution or simply want to explore possible solutions to a problem, you can rely on Eureka to provide top level consulting engagements to guide your company through the challenges of this quickly changing technology world.